I worked with Kat earlier in 2013 in adding some theme customisation to her existing website. At the end of 2015 she decided it was time to refresh the whole site design, drawing more attention to her newsletter, social media and making the site mobile responsive. The new design features many elements specific to Kat’s work, with the key focus being to make it easier for updating the site and adding new work.

Visit website: www.katlatham.com

As a web editor, I’ve worked with many web designers so I can say with complete confidence that Stephanie at Toastie Studio is fantastic. She created a couple of templates for my WordPress site, and I found her to be fast, reliable, reasonably priced and creative while always keeping the user’s experience at the front of her designs. I would certainly hire her again, without hesitation.

~ Kat Latham, http://katlatham.com